CLASSES AT HIGHER PURPOSE are combination classes of ballet, tap, and jazz. They include stretching, technique, bible study, and learning performance pieces.





2.5 Years Old - 4 Years Old

This is a beginning class that will introduce dancers to basic steps and technique

Rising Stars

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

In this class the dancers go over basic technique along with beginning to learn more advanced turns, leaps, and choreography

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Intermediate Darlins

3+ years of dance experience 3rd Grade - 6th Grade

This class is for dancers who have 3 or more years of dance experience. They will continue growing their technique level while also perfecting technique they already know.

Dancin' Darlins

4th Grade - 6th Grade

The dancers continue growing their technique level while also perfecting basic dance technique. Beginners to intermediate levels welcome

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Dazzling Dancers

7th Grade & Up orUpper Level Intermediate & Advanced Level Dancers

This is our upper age level class. It will include more advanced technique along with perfecting basic dance technique. This is for older dancers and dancers who we believe are at an upper level or advanced technique level


All ages welcome

We love having boys in our classes at Higher Purpose Dance Studio! After all, no fairy tale is complete without a prince. We always strive to make boys feel welcome at our studio. No matter what they decide to do later on in life, whether it be sports or performing arts, the skills they develop with us will serve them well in the future. Movement and music are gifts that should be shared with all children, not just girls!


Ages 9 & up with dance experience

Stregenthing their ankles and feet in preparation for pointe shoes. Amy will teach your child proper technique to prepare them for Pointe Class.